Other Mind Music | Workshop


Thursday 7th December 2017, 11am-5pm. RSVP
Alt-w LAB, City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh

NHS Lothian’s Art and Therapeutic Design programme awarded three Creative Research Artist Fellowships to explore the activity and research interests of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Edinburgh.

Language and Cognition Fellow Gavin Inglis, Music Fellows Alex Menzies and Florence To and Design Fellow Susana Cámara Leret are all based at the Alt-w LAB for Creative Technology at the City Art Centre.

This one-to-one workshop is with musician and composer Alex Menzies. Classically trained before progressing to electronic production, he is increasingly focussed on sound for picture, regularly collaborating with artist Florence To.


As part of his research into sound and music in healthcare this workshop includes a variety of tests, including a electroencephalogram (EEG), to determine psychological and physiological responses to various audio cues.

Participants will be asked to wear an EEG headset, and be wired up to a simple device that measures stress via the finger. They will listen to a variety of sounds and be asked to answer some simple questions about their response.

Each thirty minute session is for entertainment only, and no medically trained personnel will view or have access to the results. Participants will recieve £10 for their time along with a ticket to Alex's next concert.

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