Takagi Masakatsu | Scott Pagano

1.618 by Scott Pagano, 2006.

17th-28th June 2009, Daily.
BBC Big Screen, Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SR

We were invited by the Edinburgh International Film Festival to present work in the social hub of the Delegate Centre. We've chosen to screen a selection of short films by Takagi Masakatsu and Scott Pagano.

We're thrilled that this work will also be seen on the BBC Big Screen in Edinburgh's Festival Square throughout the film festival, with a special back-to-back screening on the 25th June at 8pm.

Takagi Masakatsu is a musician and filmmaker based in Kyoto. He lyrical musical compositions combine with painterly post-production video techniques to create his work.

Scott Pagano is a video artist, filmmaker, and motion graphics designer based in Los Angeles. His distinctive work mixes images of the natural landscape, modern architecture with intricate CG graphics bound together in dynamic shifting planes.


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1.618 by Scott Pagano, 2006.