Eworical | David McAllister

The Eworical Call Centre

4th August to 4th September 2011, Wed-Sun, 12-8pm
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Picture a cross between an Ewok and and oracle and you get a teddy-bear-like hunter-gatherer who can find the answer to any question, that's an Eworical. Behind it's jewel like eyes lies a computer powered belly that envisions how sculpture may communicate in the future.

The three Eworicals together will use Skype and RSS feeds to power their search engine and call centre installation distributing their own particular blend of Star Wars and new age philosophy whilst they question the very fabric of the internet as a gateway to knowledge.


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    09|10 Alt-w Production Award - David McAllister

    David’s practice combines research into new technologies with traditional sculptural processes. He's developing an aesthetic he calls a ‘Made in China’ style. This parallels machined sculptures and hi-gloss seamless finishes with that of traditional dove-tailed hand-crafted techniques.

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    The Eworical Call Centre