Tenori-On | Toshio Iwai

Tenori-on | Illustration: Peter Bennett

4th August to 4th September 2011, Wed-Sun, 12-8pm
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Developed in collaboration with Yamaha, the Tenori-on is a musical instrument consisting of a 16x16 grid of illuminated push button switches that can be activated in different ways to create an ever evolving soundscape.

Toshio Iwai's work is focused on the relationship between sound and image. As an artist he has led the creation of a number of commercialy successful video games, Elektroplankton for the Nintendo DS being a key example.

His work is intricate yet simple. It beguiles and absorbs. He takes the technology to hand from flip books to grand pianos to games consoles and creates something magical through a cocktail of media, machines and you.


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Tenori-on | Illustration: Peter Bennett