Sunday Sundae


Sunday 15th February 2009, 2-3pm. £6 | £5
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

As part of the Glasgow Film Festival, New Media Scotland proudly presents a programme of animation and live action with a focus on CGI. The films consider identity, communication, technology and love in modern times.

This unmissable assortment includes crisp motion graphics, the endearing story of a disorientated robot in Glasgow, a tale of a man turned mythical creature trying to relate to his son and a visually stunning but bittersweet romance.

Kudan | Dir: Taku Kimura
2008 | 09:23 | Japan

A man receives a package containing a helmet, when worn it turns him into a mythical Japanese creature. Transported to another world where human spirits take the shape of giant trees, he realizes that his son’s roots are in grave danger, and only he can save him. Kudan is a touching tale of the essential significance of communication.

L'Ondée | Dir: David Coquard-Dassault
2008 | 07:43 | France/Canada

When a sudden rainstorm besieges a city everyone must seek refuge. Some are determined to carry on, however most activity is forced to stop. When the skies clear life continues; the downpour has been a moment’s respite in the relentless hustle and bustle of human existence.

Ctrl Z | Dir: Robert Kirbyson
2008 | 06:19 | U.S.A

The story of an office loner who has a lifetime of regrets - until one day a malfunctioning keyboard offers him the opportunity to undo his mistakes. With new-found courage, Stuart can seize life’s opportunities - which include giving his unbearable boss a piece of his mind and declaring undying love to a beautiful co-worker.

Le Grand Content | Dir: Clemens Kogler, Karo Szmit
2007 | 03:57 | Austria

An extraordinary work from two digital designers that challenges itself to answer all the questions of the universe and then some. Not quite managing to do so with rational graphs and diagrams, Le Grand Content offers some unique observations on life, death and hamsters...

New Love | Dir: Laurence Coriat
2007 | 19:57 | U.K

A bittersweet love story... This visually arresting work takes us to a future world built on rationality. However when Alma is compelled to frequent a nightclub with a difference, she is plunged into the irrational logics of love and desire.

Parks on Fire | Dir: Scott Pagano
2008 | 07:23 | U.S.A

The most recent work from prolific and innovative video artist/filmmaker Scott Pagano, whose distinctive pieces push the boundaries of audio visual composition. Parks on Fire is a stunning exploration of the complex relationships of structure, form and motion that bind and conflict the natural and manmade worlds.

This is J03 | Dir: Rory Lowe, Tom Shrapnel
2008 | 03:00 | Scotland

Our 21st century analogue world as seen through the eyes of an 8 bit digital man trying to make his way home. But what is home? And how can he get there? This CG/ live action 3d animation sees our hero attempting a stint at hitchhiking and encountering local tramp before he finds out...

This programme has been given a 12A certification.

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