Convergent Conversations

Informatics Forum: Bennetts Associates (2003-2008)

Informatics Forum, 10 Chrichton Street, EH8 9AB
Saturday 27th September 2008, 5-7pm

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When an artist-inventor and an engineering entrepreneur started talking over an arresting image of copper dendrite, little did they realise that it would lead them into a series of creative collaborations.

Rounding off Doors Open Day in Edinburgh, Richard Brown, Research Artist-in-Residence in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University and Professor Michael Kozicki of Arizona State University and founder of Axon Technologies Corporation will be in conversation for this free public talk. Join us and find out just what happened next and discover more about the creative process in art, science and business.

RSVP via the New Media Scotland Facebook group.

The Informatics Forum will also be open to the public from 10am to 5pm on the day. For more information about this and other Doors Open Day events please download the PDF guide here.

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Informatics Forum: Bennetts Associates (2003-2008)