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Alt-w | Gay Interest Beefcake

Gay Interest Beefcake (2008)

Auction ended Saturday 13th Sept 2008 at 7.30pm.

Cycle 05 Alt-w Production Award - Nicky Bird

Nicky Bird's work Gay Interest Beefcake (2008) was put on display at the CCA in Glasgow for the last ten days of the Alt-w: New Directions in Scottish Digital Culture exhibition. Created to accompany her other work, Question for Seller (2006), this work was then sold in an eBay auction.

Made up of old family photographs first won on eBay, the album is comprised of three small lots all purchased from the same seller. The name of the work is taken from the statements of the seller who has speculated on the lifestyle of a distant relative seen in the photographs.

Alt-w | Question for Seller

Question for Seller (2006)

2nd Aug to 13th Sept 2008, Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. FREE
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Cycle 04 Alt-w Production Award - Nicky Bird

Nicky Bird's Question for Seller (2006) playfully explores family photographs and online commerce. Using the auction site eBay the artist collected vintage photographs, combined them into a book which was resold on eBay.

A new book, Gay Interest Beefcake (2008) has been made to join Question for Seller and will be sold in a ten day eBay auction closing at the end of the Alt-w: New Directions in Scottish Digital Culture exhibition at the CCA in Glasgow.

Alt-w | Cycle 06


Production Awards


Working with Oban High

1st to 15th November 2008
Cove Park, Peaton Hill, Argyll and Bute, G84 0PE

During this Artist in Schools residency, New Media Scotland's Producer Luke Collins developed a series of workshops exploring fragmented narratives through drawing which were then developed across web platforms.

Using these short guide lines you can explore the ideas and techniques and make your own blog based narratives working with your own images, video and sound or just using stuff you like on the web.

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North Albert

North Albert

1st to 31st December 2008

"A frisky December of smouldering fires and distant scintillation. Here the village of Albert lies, nestling betwixt rolling buxom hills."

Now available as a PDF download.

Dialogues 08 Festival of Electronic Music

Informatics Forum: Bennetts Associates (2003-2008)

Informatics Forum, 10 Chrichton Street, EH8 9AB
15th to 22nd November 2008

This month the Informatics Forum plays host to Dialogues 08, a festival of electronic music. Presenting the premiere performance of Michael Edwards’ new project Electric Cowboy Cacophony, three pieces by Germany’s most original voice Christoph Ogiermann and the Scottish Premiere of percussionist Joby Burgess’ new Powerplant project featuring new works for live electronics and reactive visuals by Gabriel Prokofiev and Graham Fitkin, the festival promises some of the most interesting music being made today.

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Fiona Herbert | Untitled

Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2008
24th October - 2nd November 2008

Following the Standing Other Stones workshop on the 25th October 2008 we are pleased to be able to release online a selection of content produced by the participants. Here's an extract from 'Untitled' -

But rain remained, and wind, they have never left me, and now they bring me gifts. Fragments of earth. Fragments of life. Promises of warmth. The mosses have grown. The plants have whispered. They see for me. They hear for me. They live. They tell me...

Distance Lab Open Studio 004

Distance Lab

Horizon Scotland, Forres, IV36 2AB
Thursday 13th November 2008, 12 - 5 pm

Interested in what's going on at Distance Lab? At their Open Studio events they show how they are pushing the limits of technology and design to overcome the disadvantages of distance. The special guest speaker is Glorianna Davenport of MIT Media Laboratory.

The theme of this event is Slow Technology, an extension of notions from the slow food movement into the design of new technologies. Instead of speed and efficiency, slow technology emphasises the quality, locality, and humanity of the total experience.

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Upgrade! Scotland: Rob Kennedy

Courtesy of Rob Kennedy

CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Wednesday 26th November 2008, 7 - 9pm

We are privileged to present the première of new work from Rob Kennedy followed by a discussion with the artist. The three video works were born out of a series of collaborative projects working with composers Peter Dowling, Giles Lamb, Martin Parker and Sue Tompkins.

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