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1st to 31st December 2008

"A frisky December of smouldering fires and distant scintillation. Here the village of Albert lies, nestling betwixt rolling buxom hills."

Now available as a PDF download.

We were pleased to announce that Charlotte Allan was our Twitterist-in-Residence in December 2008. We invited people to follow the stream of festive tweets as Charlotte's story 'North Albert' unfolded day by day like an innuendo tinged advent calender.

Charlotte Allan is a Glasgow-based writer and theatre maker who works primarily with and for young people. Her work for the page and stage has brought life to dogs, soldiers, alien scientists, existential teenagers, medieval freedom fighters and a remarkable boy genius. She is currently rehearsing her adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen which will be performed by East Renfrewshire Youth Theatre in December.

Charlotte was one of the participants of our Standing Other Stones workshop as part of the Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival.

North Albert
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North Albert