Project Space: ~in the fields

ink (2008), ~ in the fields

45 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 1 HF
August 2008 to March 2009

New Media Scotland were pleased to host the artwork 'ink' by ~in the fields. Work began retro-fitting the piece during the Edinburgh Art Festival with the artists being the inaugural users of our new Project Space in Marchmont. We were thrilled to be able to present this dazzling new installation.

'ink' was derived from inscriptions found in five printed books from five centuries. Handwritten by explorers, lovers, book owners, soldiers and authors these inscriptions express the wish to individualise printed, mass-produced books. The inscriptions have been taken from a Bible, a copy of the Arabian Nights, a Songbook and books about Natural History and Botany.

'ink' consists of five colourless clear glass bulbs - each partly filled with blue ink - and suspended from the ceiling. When the visitor approaches, the bulbs begin to rotate, causing a layer of ink to coat the inside surface. Through the ink, illuminated handwritten inscriptions become visible on a spinning armature thanks to the phenomenon of persistence of vision.

The development of 'ink' was made possible with the kind support of the Dick Institute, City of Edinburgh Council, National Library of Scotland, Library of the Royal Botanic Garden and New Media Scotland.

The New Media Scotland project space is available for use by artists, technologists and others for new media project development and delivery. The space is free of charge and available from a single day up to three months. Proposals are welcomed at all times, and there are no deadlines.

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ink (2008), ~ in the fields