There's SPAM on the Tableau Vivant!

The Dying Widow

Stills, 23 Cockburn St, Edinburgh
Saturday 30th August 2008, 11am - 6pm

What does an artist need to produce strong stage photography? The latest expensive camera equipment? Additional light-sources? Assistants? Actors? Set designers? No.... just your eye, a little intuition and any camera will do the rest.

Following the screening of SPAM the Musical at the Edinburgh Art Festival, this workshop will show you how to create your very own tableau vivant using a fine selection of spam emails as the starting point.

The workshop will be hosted by one of the anonymous artists behind SPAM the Musical, who has worked with no-budget staged photography for 15 years. All equipment will be provided but you are welcome to use your own camera or bring your own spam email.

This workshop is now fully booked.

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The Dying Widow