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Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century

Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century


Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century is the latest collective novel from Brendan Howell's exquisite_code project. The book was written by seven writers at Inspace on the 2nd November 2012. The process delegated by a brutalist-brut software edit machine, known as The Maggot.

The Maggot is a bastard editor. It is a software worm that ruthlessly delegates and mediates the work of a group of writers, simultaneously composing a collective text. This book is the the chewed-up corpse of the corpus that arose, an endless paper record that piled up on the floor.

Remediating the Social

Remediating the Social | Johannes Helden

1st to 17th November 2012, Wed to Sat 12-6pm.
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Remediating the Social is the final event of the three year European project Developing a Network-Based Creative Community: Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice. A three day conference at ECA will accompany this exhibition at Inspace.

Romy Achituv / Johannes Auer, Rene Bauer & Beat Suter / Philippe Bootz / Mez Breeze / Andy Campbell & Kate Pullinger / J R Carpenter / John Cayley & Daniel Howe / Shu Lea Cheang / Johannes Heldén / Brendan Howell / Aya Karpinska / Donna Leishman / Judd Morrissey with Mark Jeffrey / Jason Nelson