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Paradigm 17 Open Call

Paradigm Electronic Arts Open Call

DEADLINE: Monday 18th September 2017, 5pm.

Open call for proposals from electronic artists, composers and makers who experiment with technology to create generative or interactive experiences. For one week only Paradigm will create an interactive playground of visual arts, interactive installations, and responsive sonic environments.

The thematic 'Inside-Out' encourages artists to think beyond the screen, creating experiences that bring people together and inspire, challenging perceptions and preconceptions. Submissions can fall into one or more categories including: audio, visual, design, interactivity and workshop.

FuturePlay | Exchange


Monday 21st August 2017, 10am-5pm. £30|£15
Assembly Studios, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LH

A day of connection, debate and idea exchange for creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, gamemakers, producers, and arts industry professionals. Sessions will range from panels, presentations, case studies, interactive demos, and roundtable discussions.

Topics include: Future Theatrical Experiences, Interactive Narratives in Gaming, Artist-led VR, Difference in Play: Gender & Gaming, The Digital Organisation, Creative Hubs for Games Development and a case study of New Media Scotland's new Alt-w LAB.

Sonica | Nearer Future

Sonica | Nearer Future

4th-28th August 2017, 10am-8pm. FREE
Institut Français, 13 Randolph Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7TT

This installation investigates the ways in which we might retain a sense of reality in a world where technology offers ever more opportunities for immersion in the virtual. Symmetrical webs and waves of light rise upward, sculpted and spun into ethereal three-dimensional structures, building an extraordinary crystalline cathedral of light.

Glasgow-based artist Heather Lander's collaboration with sonic artist Robert Bentall uses projection and sound. Bentall’s ambient work 'Telian' – played on the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish string instrument, accompanies the installation. Lander shows us where technology has taken us – and asks us to question where we may go next.

Sonica | XFRMR

Sonica | XFRMR

22nd-26th August 2017, 4pm & 8pm. £12|£6
Leith Volcano, 119 Constitution St, Edinburgh EH6 7AE

In 1891 the genius inventor Nikola Tesla tamed lightning with his Tesla coil, a device that renders electricity visible. Artist Robbie Thomson harnesses the sonic capabilities of the Tesla coil to create a work as arresting as the scent of burning ozone and as lively as electricity itself.

By synthesising sound waves that alter the frequency of the coils output, Thomson, in this Cryptic commission for Sonica, produces distorted tones and harsh percussive stabs that are accompanied by reactive projections, resulting in a physical assault on the senses.



26th October to 5th November 2017. RSVP
Various venues across Glasgow.

Sonica, Cryptic’s biennial festival of world-class visual sonic arts, returns to Glasgow for 11 days this autumn. Presenting emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists from 14 countries across 5 continents.

2017 festival highlights include: Nelo Akamatsu (JP); Paul Jebanasam (UK) & Tarik Barri (NL); Between Music (DK); Floex & Initi (CZ); Maotik (CA), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (MX) and commissions from five Cryptic Associates (UK).

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4th & 5th August 2017, 10:00pm till midnight. FREE
St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AD

In the aftermath of WWII the Edinburgh International Festival was established to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’. 70 years later, and building on the success of 'The Harmonium Project' and 'Deep Time', this year's opening extravaganza is Bloom, a celebration of the anniversary of the first festival.

Courtesy of 59 Productions, the facades around of St Andrew Square will become a vast canvas for a son et lumière, featuring newly commissioned music from composer Nick Powell and a display of dynamic projection mapping. It promises to turn one of Edinburgh’s iconic squares into a full on sensory treat, free for all.



3rd-26th August 2017. RSVP
Assembly Rooms, 54 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR

FuturePlay is a festival which celebrates, explores and showcases cutting-edge creative content and ideas at the intersection of art and technology. The festival features a diverse programme of live performances, installations, experiences, talks & more!

The festival will feature a dedicated hub on George Street in the form of geodesic domes and shipping containers, which will house a virtual reality studio, a gaming and interactive tech zone, an immersive art gallery, a black box theatre, food stalls and a bar.

Watch & Wolf | Gattaca


Friday 7th April 2017, 8pm. £25
Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Join edible experience innovators Jelly & Gin for a multi-sensory screening of cult classic science fiction film Gattaca. On arrival, you’ll receive a welcome drink and a box with numbered packages of bite-sized food, drinks and aromas inspired by the narrative. Your special host Mister Wolf will signal when to open each one, helping you experience this futuristic story of eugenics and space travel in a different dimension.


Why Don't You? | Concrete Antenna

Concrete Antenna

1st March to 30th September 2015, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 21 Hawthornvale, EH6 4JT

Alt-w alumni Tommy Perman & Simon Kirby with Rob St John have made a sound installation for the new landmark tower at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Sound gathered from audio archives and specially made field recordings will rise, fall, break apart and splice back together across multiple speakers in the tower, evoking the site’s history.

Using a range of unusual production techniques derived from the tower itself, the recordings – foghorns, train whistles, gas work demolition, birdsong, construction work, wind in fishing boat sails and many more – are slowly reshaped in the piece, coalescing from their original form to something new, musical and celebratory.

The Harmonium Project

Harmonium Project

Friday 7th August 2015, 10:30pm. FREE
Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2EA

To mark the opening of the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival and the 50th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, John Adams’s mesmerising choral work 'Harmonium' will be combined with a series of spectacular animations, projected onto the outside of the Usher Hall.

Examining the effects singing has on both performer and listener, the animations have been created by 59 Productions working with the Centre for Design Informatics. Performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, conducted by Peter Oundjian.