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Cut-Throat Bandits in the Paths of Fame

Colin Fraser | Cut-Throat Bandits in the Paths of Fame

Saturday 4th July to Tuesday 4th August 2009.

A re-engagement with the cultural and physical landscape of Edinburgh by imagining and enacting a geographical conversation with eight figures of the past.

Leaving a physical and virtual trail which others will be able to follow both during and after the project, these eight prominent characters will engage in a conversation both amongst themselves, but also with their followers on Twitter and Brightkite.

Robert Burns, Charles Darwin, Robert Fergusson,
David Hume, James Clerk Maxwell, Walter Scott,
Adam Smith & Robert Louis Stevenson.

Sarah Sharp | Changing States

Sarah Sharp | Changing States

Wednesday 1st April to Sunday 31st May 2009.

We were pleased to announce a two month Twitter residency by artist Sarah Sharp AKA @trixiebedlam

Sarah spent much of her youth practicing to become the world's greatest detective. Disappointed to find rather fewer unexplained murders cropping up than her literary role models had led her to expect, she now applies her acute powers of observation to the bigger mysteries of human existence.