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Yann Seznec | Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

Yann Seznec, Currents (2014)

31st July to 31st August 2014, Mon-Sun 10am-6pm.
Police Box, Easter Road (corner of Albion Road), EH7 5QJ

Constructed entirely from discarded computer fans, Alt-w alumnus Yann (Secret Sound of Spores) Seznec’s new work 'Currents' is a physical and sonic experience, drawing on real-time weather data from around the world to move air around the visitor.

Currents expands Seznec’s interest in technology as a tool, to consider how it shapes our environment. Frequently discarded, the fans point to our obsession with change, as well as the realities of a global economy that make it cheaper to produce anew rather than repair.

Beauty by Design | Fashioning the Renaissance

Beauty By Design

15th Nov 2014 to 3rd May 2015, Daily 10am-5pm.
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh EH2 1JD.

This exhibition questions cultural commonplaces about beauty and body image by linking the renaissance art collections of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery to contemporary fashion.

Fashion designers and stylists, Mal Burkinshaw, Claire Ferguson and Sally-Ann Provan with Anne Chaisty, Philip Clarke and Sharon Lloyd will display their work alongside paintings by Paris Bordon & Adam de Colone.

Beauty by Design is a result of a partnership collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art and New Media Scotland. It also enjoys the support of Sophie Hallette Lace and All Walks Beyond the Catwalk.