Upgrade! Scotland: Jaygo Bloom

DCA, 152 Nethergate, DD1 4DY
Wednesday 29th October 2008, 5.30 - 7pm

Prepare your retinas for the phenomenon that is Jaygo Bloom, aka Captain Captain, aka Pointless Creations, aka Whack Karaoke, aka aka aka. An energetic multi-disciplinary explosion of colour, Jaygo works bending video and graphic streams in the production of interactive installations, mashed up games systems and live visuals for the likes of Franz Ferdinand.

Bloom recently premiered his new biologically governed open network WORLDWIDEWEGG. Which enabled chickens at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh to DJ throughout the run of the exhibition Alt-w: New Directions in Scottish Digital Culture at CCA Glasgow. Projects range from a global grooves games console TAO JOYSTICK , an 8bit latino percussive interface MARRAKATTAK and an unwilling audience target device BUMP.

Working independently and as part of the Glasgow based audio visual team ‘Pointless Creations’, Jaygo Bloom's has exhibited at Pixelazo 2007, Futuresonic 2006, Glasgow International 2005, Pixelache 2005 and Pong.Mythos.

You can experience the range of Jaygo’s on-line presence by clicking on any of the links above or by visiting his original retina burning website, his recent creations and his blog.

Throughout his demonstration to Upgrade, Jaygo will be touching on the subjects of intrusive entertainments, professional practice, low tech digital workshops, ubiquitous computing, audience participation, un/participation TEAMWORK and much more....

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