Alt-w | Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

Donna Leishman, Front (2014)

1st to 30th August 2014, Tue-Sat 10am-4pm.
Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

An exhibition of new work by ~ in the fields, Chris Helson & Sarah Jackets, Hadi Mehrpouya & Robert Powell, Donna Leishman and Calum Stirling, all commissioned by New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund.

In Help Me Obi, Helson and Jackets have built a seemingly impossible machine, a 360º video hologram to investigate remote relationships, intimacy and dislocation. Mehrpouya & Powell have also created a vision of the world in miniature. By rearranging sculpted pieces on a board, players can endlessly influence the microcosm contained within a wooden casket.

Stirling’s ceiling installation is an update of traditional Scottish cornicing. Social, political and economic data such as 4x4 depreciation values and red squirrel population are processed using bespoke data visualisation software and an artist-built CNC milling machine. Mongrel forms of moulding are outputted, distorting their original value as an indication of wealth and status.

As part of the new Ginsberg platform, Leishman’s fictitious cautionary tale is set within the world of social media. Predilections, thoughts and volumes of meticulously crafted selfies are not as they seem, and soon the 'timeline' edit begins to reveal warning signs of anxiety and insecurity. An installation by ~ in the fields is for children to feel relaxed and inspired in a space of wellbeing.

"Truly a delightful, engaging, intriguing, beautiful experience that made me think and laugh."

New Media Scotland's Alt-w Fund receives investment from the Centre for Design Informatics, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government.

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Donna Leishman, Front (2014)