Cycle 07 Alt-w Production Award - Blipfoto

29th July to 26th August 2010, Wed-Sun, 12 noon-8pm.
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

The first of this year's bumper crop of Alt-w funded projects to reach fruition was by BAFTA winning Blipfoto, the daily photo journal. life.turns. was a spectacular whirl of crowd-sourced zoetropes for the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Blipfoto took up residence at Inspace. They invited the public into the lab, in person and online, to add photos in a series of walking poses. Participants could take and upload content at Inspace – interacting with their images as they are made into zoetropes.

Download the free life.turns app from iTunes

Especially for the Art Festival, Blipfoto launched a dedicated iPhone App which allowed people outside Inspace to manipulate and interact with the lab throughout the night – building their own digital zoetropes to be back projected onto the windows.

Blip’s founder Joe Tree says, “Blip is made of thousands of individual lives and stories, but the best stuff happens when the community comes together and does something collectively. it’s an opportunity to bring digital communities into real spaces, and real people into digital projects."

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