Atmosphere | Haxan on Hallowe'en


Saturday 31st October 2015, 10pm.
Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG

Join us on Hallowe'en for our Atmosphere of Häxan (1922) with live score by the improv ensemble of the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra. Based partly on a study of the Malleus Maleficarum, a 15th-century German treatise on the prosecution of witches, Häxan is a study of how superstition and misunderstanding can lead to hysteria.

Director Benjamin Christensen's lengthy and meticulous production period made the film the most expensive Scandinavian silent film ever made. Banned in the United States and heavily censored in other countries for what were considered at that time graphic depictions of torture, nudity and sexual perversion. Bring it on.


Yati Durant - trumpet, Machinedrum, electronics
Christian Svalesen - trumpet, laptop, electronics
Richard Worth - flutes
Jilly Mathews - electric harp
Magdalena Durant - vocals
Julia Lungu - violin
Armin Sturm - contrabass

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This event is co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh Creative Arts and Social Sciences Atelier.

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