NEoN 2018


6th–11th November 2018. FREE
Across the City of Dundee.


What is fleeting and what will last forever?

In Scotland’s Year of Young People, NEoN will envision the paths of ‘digital natives’, those born into an internet and digitally-enabled world. We’ll investigate how this affects our perception of lifespans – considering both our socio-digital lives online and our real-world lives offline – as we’re propelled into a technologically-enhanced future.

People born in the 1990s – the first generation of the post-human – are reimagining what it means to be human in the digital age. Internet-connected devices, self-designed infrastructure, and customised genetic medicine are key features of this generation’s future. The way in which these technologies develop is extending our lifespans. Online environments like infinite virtual gaming worlds or social spaces are persistent and lasting. NEoN will highlight the work of artists who challenge and celebrate ideas of time, its advantages and its implications.

NEoN will commission and present digital experiences including group exhibitions, screenings, our mini symposium, performance nights, and workshops working with artists including Heather Dewey Hamburg, Tega Brain, Al&Al, and with organisations such as Sistema, New Media Scotland, Generator Projects and others.

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