Gay Interest Beefcake

Gay Interest Beefcake (2008)
Auction ends Saturday 13th Sept 2008 at 7.30pm

Nicky Bird's new work Gay Interest Beefcake (2008) was put on display at the CCA as part of the Alt-w exhibition for the last ten days of the show. Created to accompany her work, Question for Seller (2006), this work was then sold in an eBay auction.

Made up of old family photographs won on eBay, the album is comprised of three small lots all purchased from the same seller. The name of the work is taken from the statements of the seller who has speculated on the lifestyle of a distant relative seen in the photographs.

The work was listed on eBay on the 3rd September with a starting bid of 99p. The winning bid of £91.00 from a collector in New York was announced at the Alt-w Closing Party.

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Gay Interest Beefcake (2008)