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Gay Interest Beefcake

Gay Interest Beefcake (2008)

Auction ends Saturday 13th Sept 2008 at 7.30pm

Nicky Bird's new work Gay Interest Beefcake (2008) was put on display at the CCA as part of the Alt-w exhibition for the last ten days of the show. Created to accompany her work, Question for Seller (2006), this work was then sold in an eBay auction.

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Question for Seller

Question for Seller (2006)


Nicky Bird's Question for Seller (2006) playfully explores family photographs and online commerce. Using the auction site eBay the artist collected vintage photographs, combined them into a book which was resold on eBay.

A new book, Gay Interest Beefcake (2008) has been made to join Question for Seller and will be sold in a ten day eBay auction closing at the end of the exhibition's run.

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