Atmosphere | A Matter of Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death

Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB
Saturday 26th June 2010, 8.30 for 9pm.

Returning to England from a bombing run in May 1945, RAF pilot Peter Carter's plane has been shot and his parachute damaged. He jumps, and awakes washed up on a beach. There was a mixup in heaven. It was his time to die, but his 'Conductor' missed him in thick fog over the Channel.

By the time the 'Conductor' catches him, Peter has fallen in love with June, an American radio operator. Peter figures that heaven owes him a second chance. The powers that be agree to a trial to decide his fate.


Snapshot by Gianni Corino, Jochen Ehnes, Chris Speed is a ten minute, live cinematic experiment in which the public will experience the creation of a memory map made of props extracted by the movie "A matter of Life and Death"

The project uses a steerable projector installed in Inspace to visually extract symbolic and iconic props that can be found within the movie, and place them in a different space: a cognitive landscape.

For this event the artists will use a symbolically rich part of the movie: the beach scene. The scene, that is toward the beginning of the movie, is loaded with objects and props that contribute to a sense of uncertainty about where the protagonist is located, heaven or earth.

Collecting and replacing the props into a synchronous landscape creates a memory or cognitive map offers the audience a point of reflection as they consider the larger narratives present in the film.

Supported by Pufferfish and Arts & Business.

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A Matter of Life and Death