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Mon Oncle

Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB
Sunday 27th June 2010, 8.30 for 9pm.

Jacques Tati returns as the bumbling yet lovable hero Monsieur Hulot running amok in the ultramodern home of his sister, and later his brother-in-law's plastic hose factory. A delightful satire of postwar France's obsession with mechanized living, modern architecture and rampant US-style consumerism. Pitfalls and pratfalls ensue, and nothing goes to plan.


Co-Cinema by Duncan Shingleton is a ten minute interactive movie experience that involves three sequences from Jacques Tati films - 'Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot', 'Mon Oncle' and 'Playtime'.

The cinema screen is cut up into 40 pieces, each piece corresponding to a seat in the audience. Each person sitting in the audience can 'flip' their movie segment to one of three different film sequences by scanning one of three QR codes that are located next to their seat with their smartphone.

The experience will begin with one cohesive image, but as members of the audience 'flip' their own parts, it will become broken up as 40 people try to watch three movies all at once.

Supported by Pufferfish and Arts & Business.

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Mon Oncle