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2020 Edinburgh Science Festival

Pale Blue Dot

The deadline has now passed.

We're seeking Expressions of Interest for artworks and an immersive experience at the 2020 Edinburgh Science Festival. The festival theme will be Elementary, using the ancient classifications of Earth, Air, Fire and Water plus a fifth element to focus on the digital world - Aether.

The festival is exploring ways they can use creative technology to innovate their programme. The aim is to introduce more technology, engineering and design into the festival through online content, augmented live events and new art. This call is open to creators anywhere in the world.

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Alt-w Fund | Cycle 13


Initiated in Dundee by Scottish Screen, the Alt-w Fund is for practitioners based in Scotland to make and develop new artworks, devices and creative applications that challenge the notions of what new media creativity can be.

The fund supports artists to explore experimental and interactive practice, make use of technology as both medium and message, and recognise the changing role that digital culture has in our society.

Cycle 13 of the fund will commission and curate work for presentation on the 4.5m high LED screen that welcomes every visitor to the refurbished Music Hall in Aberdeen. The deadline for applications is the 30th May 2019 at 6pm.

Our curatorial focus is two-fold, long-form generative work that's infinite and algorithmic in nature, or short-form looping animation. Both should be silent and have immediacy for presentation in a transient space with a limited dwell time.

This opportunity is for both new or existing work. Lead applicants for a new commission should be based in Scotland but can collaborate with anyone from anywhere. Applications for existing work can be from the UK and EU.

The deadline for applications has now passed.