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Joan La Barbara | Rabbit Hole/Acid Trip from 'An American Rendition'

Fool Me

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'An American Rendition' represents the second collaboration between composer Joan La Barbara and choreographer Jane Comfort. The collaborators created a political theater work for premiere prior to the 2008 election, focusing on the devastating results of 8 years under the Bush/ Cheyney administration, and reflecting both the losses of personal freedom and the atrocities committed in the name of the American people. 

Rabbit Hole/Acid Trip occurs near the end of 'An American Rendition', as the detainee, an American citizen who has been kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location in which he is psychologically and physically tortured, reaches the edge of his sanity, and experiences this trip down the rabbit hole.  This abbreviated [4:33] mix, created for radioplay, offers a glimpse into the psyche as it deteriorates.
La Barbara makes extensive use of breath sounds in this score, noting that it is the poignancy of the breath, the very humanness of it that makes it so personal and so shocking.  She also uses breath for its sexual connotations, to emphasize both the overt sexual overtones of commercial entertainment and also the degradation imposed on detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. The jagged fragments of pop music mirror descriptions by prisoners and soldiers of extremely loud music played to inhibit sleep. The work oscillates jarringly between the raw, personal and surreal.

Shiori Usui | Inhaling/ Exhaling

Fool Me

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Inhaling/Exhaling explores human psychology and conditions such as gasping for air, panic attacks, stiffness of the body and torment of oneself.

Performance held on the 18th September 2007 at Philharmonie Essen, Germany.

Comissioned by "Deutschlandfunk" and "Philharmonie Essen". Recording production and broadcast by "Deutschlandfunk" and "YOUrope together/Essener Philharmonie". Performers were John Kenny (bass trombone), Carnyx Youth Brass Ensemble: Brendan Musk (trumpet), Peter Longworth (trumpet), Helen Beauchamp (horn), and Patrick Kenny (tenor trombone), Shiori Usui (piano).

DRIFT | Fool Me

Fool Me

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New Media Scotland and Fools in Print were pleased to announce the launch of Fool Me at the Buff Club in Glasgow on April Fool’s Day.

As part of New Media Scotland's 10th birthday celebrations artist Lucy Keany was commissioned to curate a special audio edition of her imprint 'Fools in Print'.

Lucy has compiled work demonstrating unusual and varied explorations of the voice: the pieces traverse recorded narrative, electronic music, abstract synthesized distortions and participatory projects.

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listen with your eyes and look with your ears

Detail of 'Object Scores' interactive sound installation, 2007. Image by Jean-Marc Stefani

Wednesday 25th March 2009, 7-9pm.
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD


Kirsty Stansfield and Aby Vulliamy invited the audience to take part in a discussion and workshop exploring forms of listening. The workshop involved simple exercises aimed at heightening awareness of small sounds and silence. These were interspersed with informal discussion and short presentations on elements of Kirsty’s artistic practice.

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Matt Hulse’s FilmCraft Weekend

Dummy Jim (2008)

30th January to 1st February 2009
Dovecot, 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT

Alt-w awardee Matt Hulse has been commissioned by IC:Innovative Craft to curate a series of events and screenings that will explore, in an open-ended way, a range of possible relationships between craft and the moving image, with a particular emphasis on textiles.

Matt is drawing on almost two decades of practice as a film maker and visual artist, several years as a film educator, and even a few as a printed textile designer. He promises to bring an informed and unique perspective, his aim being to inspire, inform, challenge – and entertain.

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Sunday Sundae


Sunday 15th February 2009, 2-3pm. £6 | £5
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

As part of the Glasgow Film Festival, New Media Scotland proudly presents a programme of animation and live action with a focus on CGI. The films consider identity, communication, technology and love in modern times.

This unmissable assortment includes crisp motion graphics, the endearing story of a disorientated robot in Glasgow, a tale of a man turned mythical creature trying to relate to his son and a visually stunning but bittersweet romance.

Wendy McMurdo & Paul Holmes

Wendy McMurdo, 'Avatar (i)', 2009.

08|09 Alt-w Production Award - The Skater

5th August to 5th September 2009, Wed-Sun, 10am-6pm.
Inspace, Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Exploring the impact of virtual technology on the lives of the young, Wendy McMurdo's photographic work, and her Alt-w funded collaboration with filmmaker Paul Holmes, study interactivity through the theme of skaters at once real, manipulated and beautifully mimicked.

They are joined by a series of portraits of young gamers at play immersed in a highly mediated world. These poised figures allude to how personal identity is formed in a virtual environment – where fantasy slides into reality and back again, within the looped world of the game.

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Imagine 3D

Imagine 3D Alt w.jpg

08|09 Alt-w R&D Award - Emma Tolmie

Thursday 20th August 2009, 6pm. FULLY BOOKED
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Emma Tolmie has mixed low-tech gadgetry and high-tech imagery to develop a heads-up display and unique digital content that re-imagines the concept of stereoscopic imaging in a retro-futuristic subversion of the experience and aesthetics of 3D film.

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Aeolia Stretch Bodies

R&D Award - Aeolia
Sarah Kettley


This project explores the nature of space and place and will examine the concept of a bodily connection with the land through sketch prototyping of stretch sensors in sculptural textiles.

A Million Lies; Once and Only Revealed After Death

A Million Lies; Once and Only Revealed After Death

08|09 Alt-w R&D Award - Alex Hetherington

Thursday 27th August 2009, 8pm.
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

As part of Edinburgh Art Festival's Art Late event, we present a multi-channel video installation and performance which orchestrates exceedingly complex, abrasive and synchronised sets of ideas surrounding lies, imitation, deception, need, wealth, desire, belief, superstition and resources/means.

For guest list reservations please click here.

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