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Project Space: ~in the fields

ink (2008), ~ in the fields

45 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 1 HF
August 2008 to March 2009

New Media Scotland were pleased to host the artwork 'ink' by ~in the fields. Work began retro-fitting the piece during the Edinburgh Art Festival with the artists being the inaugural users of our new Project Space in Marchmont. We were thrilled to be able to present this dazzling new installation.



2007-2009, various locations in Leith.

After two years on the streets of Leith, the little green ears had to come down. We've repackaged the content to compliment the original [murmur] website so you can still explore the locale online using Google Street View or download the stories from Last.fm onto your mobile device for a self guided audio exploration of the area.