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Spinning Bits

Cycle 07 Alt-w Production Award -
Andy Law & Mil Stricevic

19th August to 30th September 2019, daily. FREE
Music Hall, Union Street, Aberdeen AB10 1QS

Focusing on the archiving of 'rude' data, each frame in this series of animations is generated by taking a single strip of pixels from an image in the cache of a computer's web browser, and rotating it about a fixed axis.

The process is repeated on each subsequent strip to produce an animation that substitutes an explicit image for something seemingly innocent. The computer oblivious to the perceived corrupting influence of what it's processing.

Supported by New Media Scotland's Alt-w Fund with investment from Creative Scotland.

15th November 2010 to 8th January 2011.
2010 Creativity World Forum, Oklahoma City, USA

19th Nov 2011 to 18th Feb 2012.
Talbot Rice Gallery, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh

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Spinning Bits