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Presenting Practitioners | Charles Kriel

Charles Kriel

Wednesday 14th May 2014, 6:30-8pm.
Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Road, EH10 5DT

Dr Charles Kriel is an Emmy-nominated game designer, author and freemium consultant. He was raised on the circus where his father taught him to run games of chance. At fifteen, he ran away from the circus to become a broadcaster, eventually landing at BBC Radio 1.

He helps publishers and film & television companies make games and apps that make money. In his spare time, Charles travels to frozen conflict zones and fragile states, working with journalists to promote a free press, most recently in Kiev during the fall of the Ukraine government.


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Alt-w | 3D Film Festival

Life in 3D

5th to 10th May 2014.
Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ

The Life in 3D symposium presents a week-long festival at the Filmhouse of stereoscopic 3D films from all over the world to inspire, delight and surprise.

The festival kicks off with a rare screening of the restored classic 'Dial M for Murder' directed by Alfred Hitchcock which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Other highlights include 'Pina' directed by Wim Wenders, the animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Coraline' and two exclusive nights of 3D shorts.

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Big Data, Small Screen


Tuesday 11th March 2014, 12-4pm.
Dundee Contemporary Arts, 152 Nethergate, DD1 4DY

We are drowning in big data. But how do we make creative sense of it? At this event we will hear from artists Thomson & Craighead who will give insights into their own response to data, as well as Artist Aidan Moesby, currently working with DCA on the Alt-w supported ‘Sagacity’ project for Project Ginsberg. Other speakers include University of Dundee Fellows, Sarah Cook and Drew Hemment.

To book a place click here.

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GastroLab | Slow Food

Slow Food

Sunday 13th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm. £10/8
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

This GastroLab will focus on slow food beginning with a screening of Lifecycles by Matthew Moore. Part of the larger effort of the Digital Farm Collective, these short time-lapse films educate consumers on the produce they are purchasing by showing the growing process as it happens in the field.

Simon Yuill will talk about his Stackwalker project, focusing on crofting communities and migrant workers in Scotland’s food and fish processing industries. Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon will unpack the secret recipe of cola using essential oils. Perfect to wash down Black Market Pudding by John O’Shea.


GastroLab | Open Sauces

Open Sauces

Sunday 20th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm. £10/8
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Food, culture and the environment have an intricate relationship that extends back to the origin of humans as a social species. To survive, we eat; to eat, we feed the environment that feeds us – food is a product of the reciprocal connection to our ecological habitats.

FoAM look at food from a holistic and systemic perspective. Too often however we eat in haste, forgetting to truly taste food. Tonight we’ll focus our minds on the taste of food, with its visual, sonic, olfactory and tactile properties that can energise and invigorate.


LateLab | Dialogues

Friday 18th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm.
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Jean-François Laporte has been active on the contemporary art scene since the middle of the 1990s. He pursues an hybrid approach integrating sonic arts, musical composition, performance, interpretation, installation and digital art. He develops and builds his own musical instruments that he integrates into his performances.

LateLab | PechaKucha


Wednesday 16th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm.
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities, inspiring creatives worldwide.

It is curated in Edinburgh by Gordon Duffy, Principal of architecture practice Studio DuB. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of ‘chit chat’, its presentation format is based on a simple but effective idea; 20 images x 20 seconds.


LateLab | The Internet Of Things That Matter

The Internet of Things That Matter

Thursday 10th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm.
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

How does data change our relationship with physical ‘things’? The Internet of Things exploits new technologies to link physical artefacts with data across social and technical networks. Join the Design Informatics Research Group to explore this new technology.

From teapots that you can haggle with in Oxfam shops or shelves that shake when earthquakes take place on the other side of the world, to clocks that print you a postcard of something that happened in the past. Let’s reflect upon the implication on our social lives.


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LateLab | Encounters


Friday 11th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm.
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Encounters at Latelab take a hot topic in neuroscience and pairs speakers with different perspectives on a shared theme.

Ginsberg is a tool that gives you control of your life by letting you understand the triggers to how you feel. Developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with NHS 24 and New Media Scotland, it'll be easy to use enabling you to manage your mood and mental wellbeing.


LateLab | Casino Scienza

Casino Scienza

Saturday 19th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm. £8/6
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Roll up and roll the dice in our casino with a twist; joining the croupiers will be a crafty group of risk taking researchers and experts in trickery. Investigate gambling’s scientific secrets then have a go on the tables yourself.

Does the house always win? What risks are you willing to take when the stakes are high? Learn the difference between the improbable and the impossible and use this knowledge to your advantage - tonight might be your lucky night!


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