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LateLab | Biomimicry


Wednesday 5th April 2023, 7 for 7:30pm.£15|£13 RSVP
Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS

Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human and scientific challenges. Using the planetarium dome and an artificial rainforest environment, Dr Veronika Kapsali, Professor of Materials Technology and Design at the London College of Fashion will introduce the subject with a focus on design.


Atmosphere | Ponyo


Sunday 16th April 2023, 5:30pm and 8pm. £12|£10 RSVP
FloWave, Max Born Crescent, King's Buildings EH9 3BF

A young boy finds a fish trapped in a glass jar on the beach. He frees her, and names her Ponyo, but she’s no ordinary fish. The daughter of a wizard and sea goddess, she wants to be human. But in using her father’s magic to achieve her aims, a dangerous imbalance is unleashed in the ocean. The children must save the world, and fulfil her dreams.


LateLab | When Fish Begin To Crawl

When Fish Begin To Crawl

Saturday 15th April 2023, 7 for 7:30pm.£12|£10 RSVP
Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS

Premiere of a new work co-directed by filmmaker Morag McKinnon and composer Jim Sutherland. When Fish Begin To Crawl is a meditation on the climate crisis and humanity’s relationship with nature, embodying an urgent yet hopeful dialogue between art and science, spanning geological deep time and present-day eco-emergencies.


LateLab | Beauty by Design

Beauty by Design

17th April 2015, 7:30 for 8pm. RSVP
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh EH2 1JD

Beauty by Design is an exhibition that questions cultural commonplaces about beauty and body image by linking the renaissance art collections of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery to contemporary fashion.

Speakers will explore the engineering and allure of body-modifying corsetry, the chemistry and brutality of renaissance beauty regimes and the use of fashion as a political canvas raising awareness. Hosted by Tricia Allerston, Deputy Director at the Scottish National Gallery.


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LateLab | GastroLab

Molecular Mastery

Saturday 11th April 2015, 3pm. RSVP
Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Molecular mixology uses the scientific equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy to create cocktails with greater intensities and variety of flavour, unexpected combinations and new ways of presenting drinks.

Join Prof Andrea Sella and and top drinks consultants and developers Zoe Burgess and Max Venning from London's Drink Factory as they demonostrate how the art of cocktail making has become a science and show you tricks of the trade that will help you experiment at home.


LateLab | Dialogues


Friday 10th April 2015, 8pm. RSVP
Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Michael Edwards is an Edinburgh-based composer, performer, and software developer. For this concert he presents 'hyperboles', a series of ​quiet, meditative ​pieces that allow flautist Anne La Berge to tweak the algorithmic parameters that are used to generate the work's score.

This open invitation enables the musician to get involved in the compositional process. Anne delicately spins microtonal textures and a wholly unique array of powerfully ​communicative flute effects, all combined with ​extensive ​electronic processing.


LateLab | PechaKucha #29


Thursday 9th April 2015, 8pm. RSVP
Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creatives worldwide.

Yasmin Al-Hadithi / Miranda Anderson & Nicola Osborne / Michelle Davies / Gillian Easson / John Hails / Fi Scott / Dr Thom Scott-Phillips / Morgan Spence / Will Waites

PechaKucha is curated in Edinburgh by Gordon Duffy, Principal of architecture practice Studio DuB. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat", it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds.


LateLab | Encounters


Monday 6th April 2015, 7.30pm for 8pm. RSVP
Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Ginsberg is a new desktop tool and associated app for smartphone and tablet that helps users understand themselves better by tracking their mood and activity. It was developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with NHS 24 and New Media Scotland's Alt-w Fund.

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Host Geoff Huggins will introduce author Matt Haig, designer Kate Ho and mindfulness technologist Rohan Gunatillake. You'll also experience the work of Alt-w Fund supported artists Gavin Inglis & Stephen Redman, Gary Martin and the Small Society Lab.


Atmosphere | TRON v TRON: Legacy

TRON in the Grand Gallery

Saturday 4th April 2015, 7:30pm. RSVP
National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh EH1 1JF

Greetings program. Welcome to the Grid.

Kick off the 2015 LateLab season by playing games to decide which of these two films gets the Atmosphere treatment in this special expanded cinema event to complement the Game Masters exhibition on display.

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Be transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where interaction between programs good and malicious is the only way to get back out. Behind the smoke and mirrors, watch out for the bits and bytes.


GastroLab | Slow Food

Slow Food

Sunday 13th April 2014, 7 for 7.30pm. £10/8
Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

This GastroLab will focus on slow food beginning with a screening of Lifecycles by Matthew Moore. Part of the larger effort of the Digital Farm Collective, these short time-lapse films educate consumers on the produce they are purchasing by showing the growing process as it happens in the field.

Simon Yuill will talk about his Stackwalker project, focusing on crofting communities and migrant workers in Scotland’s food and fish processing industries. Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon will unpack the secret recipe of cola using essential oils. Perfect to wash down Black Market Pudding by John O’Shea.